"Success didn't spoil me; I've always been insufferable."
---Fran Lebowitz

Closing night of 'Pure as the Driven Snow'




The cast of 
'Pure as the Driven Snow'




with actress mom Gloria Maxwell

Theatre reviews

Palos Verdes Theatre named Autumn Browne "Best Director" 1997-1998 Season.

The L.A. Times said that "Autumn Browne directs with tenderness and interesting insights" in reviewing her production of "Rain" at the Theatre District.

"... sharply witty direction of Autumn Browne," said the Easy Reader of "Pure As The Driven Snow"

"'Brighton Beach Memoirs'... is an especially fine production, skillfully directed by Autumn Browne," says the Palos Verdes Peninsula News


EXCERPTS FROM review by Joseph Sirota
The Easy Reader

Pure As The Driven Snow, a tongue-in-cheek melodrama at the Palos Verdes Players Theater in Torrance, will be particularly enjoyed by the very young at heart and the very old at heart... nicely recreated melodrama form, complete with innocent heroine in peril and mustachioed villain, determined to have her in his power... the audience will be much too busy laughing at the wonderfully campy send-up of the melodrama genre...

Under the sharply witty direction of Autumn Browne, the cast gets the most out of the laugh-a-minute soap opera-ish plot.  By the time the third act is over... we all have tummy aches from laughing.

This was a very likeable cast, each actor succeeding in the task of personalizing their character nicely in the midst of a large cast and a script that could easily lead to smeared-together ensemble work. Their timing was hot, and their physical comedy was a pleasure to witness up close. 

For an evening of family entertainment that's also surprisingly clever satire, this play is a strong offering, and it provides a cathartic outlet via booing, hissing, foot stomping and cheering that may well be at least as therapeutic as a visit to a psychologist - and lots less expensive.


With New Voices

Autumn was introduced to the work of New Voices Playwright's Workshop in April 1998 when she was asked to direct John Lane's play "Rain". The LA Times said "Autumn Browne directs 'Rain' with tenderness and some interesting insights into a marriage that's on the rocks but might be saved," and "directs with a convincingly wry touch" from the Daily Pilot. In December 1998 she directed Michael Buss' play "Promises" for the holiday show, The Twelve Plays of Christmas.  The following year she directed two Brookhurst Drama students in "The Bear Went Over The Mountain", and portrayed a suspicious journalist in "Far North, Inc."

Director, Actors, Writer - "Promises"


Memorable "Brighton Beach Memoirs" 
 PV Players
excerpted from the Palos Verdes Peninsula News review by Kari Sayers

It's hard to go wrong with a good, old-fashioned Neil Simon comedy on a long summer evening -- after all, Simon is the foremost playwright in the English-speaking world today. But "Brighton Beach Memoirs", now on stage at the Palos Verdes Players in Torrance, is an especially fine production, skillfully directed by Autumn Browne. This is good family fare that draws heart-warming chuckles. The cast is even, and individual actors deliver consistently fine performances.

BBMset.jpg (128471 bytes)
On the set of "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (Click to enlarge).


Grand Central Art Center
"Carnivals of Desire" - June 2001

Laguna Beach Playhouse, Laguna Beach
"Visions and Voices” – Fall 2000

Brookhurst Junior High School, Anaheim - 1996-2006
over 100 productions in ten years
a sampling…
   This Is A Test
                        Rememberin' Stuff (Masters Thesis Production)
                        A Christmas Carol
                        A Boston Tale - original play
                        Austin Lands In Oz - original play
                       The Diary of Anne Frank
                        Images of the Holocaust (adapted by Autumn Browne)
                        Tom Sawyer
                        Belinda and the Beast – musical
                        Cut To The Clique – comedy game show
                        Red Writing Hood – fairy tale parody
                        Channel 6 News – radio play
          230 students in the drama department;
          8-10 productions each yea
          four all-school assemblies; monthly lunchtime improv shows

Cypress Civic Theatre Guild, Cypress
"Social Security" - Spring 2006

The Vanguard Theatre Ensemble, Fullerton
"Toyer" - Winter 2004

The Chance Theatre, Anaheim Hills
"Holiday Tree" - Winter 2003
"Home For The Holidays" - Winter 2002
"Summer Shorts" - Summer 2002

 Vanguard Theatre, Fullerton
“A Ten Minute Halloween” – Fall 1999

Palos Verdes Players, Torrance
“Brighton Beach Memoirs” – Summer 1999
“Pure As The Driven Snow” – Summer 1998
 Awarded ‘Best Director’ plus other acting and technical awards

Theatre District, Costa Mesa - 1998
New Voices Playwrights Workshop: 

"Rain”, “Promises”, Staged Readings

Palos Verdes Arts Center Playwrights Workshop - 1997
“Isolde Gluckman”, “Address Unlisted”


Palos Verdes Players, Torrance
“Steel Magnolias” - Spring 1998

ACTOR             Screen Actors Guild Member
Television and nightclub career, nine years; filmed over 20 national commercials and appeared as a stand-up comedienne and improvisation artist 

South Coast Repertory  - with Karen Hensel, Greg Atkins, Hal Landon, Jr.
Scene Study with Stephen Book; Michael Shurtleff
ABC-TV Situation Comedy Workshop
The Groundlings; L.A. Connection Improvisation Troupe

Currently on the Board of Directors for New Voices Playwrights Theatre, and the Theatre Education and Community Outreach Advisory Committee for South Coast Repertory

Member and Subscriber: South Coast Repertory, The Music Center, Opera Pacific, Educational Theater Association, California Educational Theater Association